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iAwake Technologies

are a pioneer in research into brain/mind sound technology. I love thie products.  Each new production brings together music and technology to calm and bring peace to the brain.  They combine psychoacoustics (how we hear,  perceive physiologically respond to sound) and energy medicine.

Their products are so beautiful and amazingly effective at inducing the type of state you’re seeking to achieve such as: relaxation for sleep, energy, mental performance, healing and so forth.

Binaural Beats

You may of heard of binaural beats but are not clear on what exactly that is. A binaural beat is created when wearing headphones the right ear hears a slightly different frequency then the other (left) ear.  The binaural tone is created by your brain taking sound from right + sound from left and experiencing them as sort of an average of the two.  You could say that it’s an illusion created by your brain when you listen to two tones with slightly different frequencies at the same time. It’s highly effective and a great way to train your brain while listening to deeply relaxing and breathtakingly beautiful music.

Free 40 minutes

Click the image below try it for yourself. or follow this link. Download their free 40 minute audio.   Their app is easy to use and an fast and easy to access your favorite tracks.  It’s available in both ios and android.

I love their high quality audio.

I’ll bet you’re gonna love it too

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